Know Your Silver Cufflinks By Their Types

Silver cufflinks rock! You will be hard-pressed to mention another small personal accessory with ornamental, practical and versatile values than cufflinks, not to mention that these can be used by both men and women. 

If you have yet to invest in a cufflinks collection, you are missing out on a must-have wardrobe staple. But before buying every cufflink in sight, here are a few things to know about the types of cufflinks available in the market today. Keep in mind that you are not just buying for your present needs, you should also be buying for your future preferences, perhaps even for your future children and grandchildren.

Stud Cufflinks 
Instead of a hinge mechanism, stud cufflinks have a straight post, a large head, and a smaller head. Fastening these cufflinks is easy – tilt the smaller head, work it through the button hole, and straighten it out to lock it in place.   

Whale Back Cufflinks 
These have a simple design, thanks partly to their easy-to-use closing mechanism and large post. So named because of a “whale tail” that can be flipped to completely lie against the post, whale back cufflinks have a straight post and a flat head, too. 

Bullet Back Cufflinks 
While similar in design to whale tail cufflinks, bullet back cufflinks have a narrow metal cylinder nestled inside a hollow frame ( as their closing mechanism. To lock the cufflinks, flipp the cylinder upward while leaving the frame in its place. 

Chain Link Cufflinks 
The two heads of a chain link cufflink are connected by a fine chain, which creates a slightly looser but not necessarily less secure fastening than the other types. Chain link cufflinks are popular because of their visible decorations on the closed buttonholes’ sides.  

Ball Return Cufflinks 
These cufflinks are the middle ground between the tight fastening of hinged cufflinks and the loose fastening of the chain cufflinks. Ball return cufflinks usually have a curved post coupled with a small yet heavy ball opposite the head, which make them one of the more expensive cufflinks.  

Knot Cufflinks 
While similar to chain cufflinks in design, knot cufflinks are characterized by the soft cord, usually silk, that connects the two heads. Due to the irregular knotwork surface, these cufflinks are typically paired with more casual long-sleeved shirts instead of the three-piece suit. 

Aside from the mechanisms of locking and unlocking cufflinks, you will also find a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes as well as materials, designs and colors.